Ruins Tour Pachacamac

Ruins Tour Pachacamac



The largest and most important archaeological center of Lima. This area contains more than 50 architectural structures, many built based bricks quarry stones of various sizes. Pachacamac was the most important center of the coast for more than 1500 years. It is located in the valley of Lurin. Originally he reached its first peak with the Lima culture (200-650 AD). After occurred during the Middle Horizon period with Wari (650-1100 AD) culture, in that time was a religious center. Then Ychsma (1100 – 1470 AD) built the Painted Temple. Finally arriving the Incas (1470 – 1532 AD) built the temple of the sun and the Acllawasi. None of the buildings resembling those of the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu as explained by some travelers, with its 16 pyramids will surprise you. This resort met administrative functions. It is the oldest construction site. This assembly of small adobes of clay placed in vertical rows. The site was used as a cemetery. Today Pachacamac is one of the main tourist attractions of Lima and a major center for studies and research, this city is half an hour from Lima

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