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All of us who work in this agency are in love with what we do and our main objective is for you to discover more about our people, culture and traditions. We have everything you need to spend a dream vacation and enjoy a few days with your family or friends. fantastic in Peru, we know that returning to your country if you have a few extra kilos, but the flavors that you will discover with us will fascinate you, we are waiting for you.




Peru by Car

Lima to Cusco by car.


Arequipa from Lima by Car

This route in the south of Peru is the most exciting and full of tourist destinations that you can only see all of them if you go by land. The Panamericana Sur is a very visited route now since it is safe and with very good roads. We offer you to do this tour together in a safe and fun way, let us worry about the transfer and you only take care of enjoying this beautiful country.
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From our website platform you can make reservations and pay for almost all neutral tours, if you need more information and want to book a personalized or special tour we will assist you personally.

It is considered a no-show and will not be refunded.

The government of Peru asks to be vaccinated against COVID and to have at least 4 doses of the vaccine and to carry your vaccination card.

Our website shows all the trips that are scheduled, next to it the status appears: confirmed (OK) or pending confirmation

If possible. Anyone can make a reservation in the name of the passengers they want.
In the same way, you can pay with the credit or debit card of the owner of the reservation, as with that of any other passenger or relative of the same... it is not mandatory that you have to pay with the same card as the owner. of the reserve.

Yes you can. But keep in mind that said cancellation may entail cancellation fees. When making the reservation, the cancellation policy is informed, or it appears in the general conditions.
These cancellation fees are variable depending on the destination, the provider, the reserved rate and the dates prior to the cancellation.

For some trips it is not necessary, but to board a plane, train or bus it is necessary to have a physical and unexpired passport.

In the event that you arrive at the meeting point and there is no one waiting for me, you should contact us at our emergency telephone numbers 51-993636173

It will depend on the product and the advance of the purchase with respect to the start date of the services. Accepted credit cards are VISA and MASTERCARD, in addition to debit cards. In some cases you can also pay through online banking, through the PAYPAL payment system.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we at Lima Discover are monitoring the situation in order to be able to offer accurate information and help to all our customers. Please remember that the extraordinary measures taken at the international level to counter the COVID-19 outbreak prohibit travel if it is not essential.

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