Huacachina Dunes to Ballestas Islands in Paracas

Huacachina Dunes to Ballestas Islands in Paracas



The Best Tour With Children in Lima

This is one of our best tours in Lima, we will enjoy a beautiful day full of excitement and beautiful sun. We will visit three bells first places the Ballestas Islands in the Paracas reserve where we will take some boats and we can see in their beautiful islands sea lions, penguins and all variety of guaneras birds, continuing our walk we go to the Oasis of Huacachina where we will see a natural lagoon surrounded by more than 45 thousand kilometers of white sands a natural paradise, here we will take some Buggys and all our speed we will go into the dunes and then make the sandboard in dunes of 10 to 40 stories high, continuing before returning to Lima we go to the vineyards of Ica where they will show us how Piscos and wines are made by hand, we will also try all the products and buy beautiful souvenirs. Only we do this tour this way you have your reservation we wait for you. BALLESTAS ISLANDS – DUNE BUGGY AND SANDBOARDING AROUND HUACACHINA OASIS. Perfect for families with children.
  • 1-Islas Ballestas-Paracas Here we take a boat and we can see sea lions, penguins and many seabirds, wetwo hours in the sea and in contact with nature, then we have time to drink. .
  • 2-Dunes Huacachina This beautiful book with her beautiful oasis of emerald waters and the largest dunes of America will make us feel the adrenaline to the maximum,practice sandboarding launch us with a draw by sand dunes, ride in buggies make us feel that we are on a roller coaster an unforgettable experience, a magical place that makefeel like you’re not on earth.
  • 3-Vineyards of Ica On the way back to Lima we go to the vineyards where we will make a tour cute and can taste wines and popular Pisco (distilled from grapes) also have time to eat typical food of the area (this part of the vineyards it is optional ifdo not wantstop at this point we return to Lima).
Important note Lima Discover: Our agency designed this tour to make your vacation memorable and enjoyable, many agencies do this tour similarly but only we give that personalized touch that you deserve, while others meet many people and use a bus big and slow with usenjoy this tour so more comfortable and safe, another important reason why you have to take the tour with notros is thatwill be back at your hotel atlatest at 8 pm while other gotto Lima at midnight, we givethe service you deserve is why we invite youknow these beautiful nature reserves do not miss.  
It includes

  • Transfers
  • entrance
  • fees and taxes

does not include

  • foods
  • beverages
  • tips


  1. pick up from the hotel 5 am
  2. we arrive in paracas at approximately 8:15 am
  3. we arrive in Ica and eat something typical of the area (optional visit a vineyard)/ li>
  4. .at approximately 2 pm we start the tour in the dunes
  5. we can eat before or after the tour in the dunes.
  6. After this is approximately at 4 pm we start the return to Lima.
  7. arrival in Lima at approximately 8 pm
Important Note

If you come to Lima in a group or with your family will give you a special price and can give the private service, we are flexible with the times ,Do not forget that the dune tour is private and lasts 1 1/2 hours.


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 $240.00
2 29.17 % $170.00
3 - 4 33.33 % $160.00
5 - 7 37.5 % $150.00
8+ 41.67 % $140.00

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