Nazca Lines Tour

Nazca Lines Tour




We flew from Ica just  four hours from Lima

Nazca Lines is a place where the mystery is still present, so we have designed a special, comfortable and fast ride to avoid a tiring and tedious journey. We organize the flight from Ica Airport just 4 hours from Lima and thus avoid a long 7 hour journey back to the city of Nazca. Another advantage of flying from Pisco, is that the flight will last longer so we can see more lines and avoid going out at dawn from Lima.

During the flight over the Nazca Lines, you can watch 19 of the most enigmatic figures in the world, among which are: the whale, monkey, parrot, dog; as well as the Spaceman, a tree, a flower, Fertility and Family Real.

Nazca Lines Easy From Pisco Mas Ballestas Islands in Paracas In this beautiful walk to the Nazca Lines can add a walk cute Ballestas Islands in the Paracas reserve, this beautiful nature reserve is full of life and we can see a variety of seabirds, sea lions and penguins, if you leaving from Pisco you have the opportunity to do this tour as it is located very close to the Paracas reserve do not miss this beautiful walk and get even out of your trip.

Important note: To book this tour requires at least 48 hours in advance, advance payment and passport in some cases the causes flight dizziness, flying from Ica I has many advantages, it is slightly more expensive, but much more comfortable and best of all which is only 4 hours from Lima not have to wakeearly and return to your hotel will be at about 5. The flight are subject to cancellation duebad weather and the variation in the flight time.

It includes

  • Transfers
  • Tax boarding
  • Flight ticket

does not include



Important Note

This tour may vary or be canceled due to bad weather, The Ica airport is only 10 minutes from the Huacachina dunes.


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 $450.00
2 - 4 26.67 % $330.00
5 - 7 33.33 % $300.00
8+ 35.56 % $290.00

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