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Tour Ruins of Caral

Tour Ruins of Caral

$180 / per person
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Caral The oldest American City

Ruins of Caral Caral is the oldest city of the Peru (more than 5000 years from the present) and hosted the first Andean civilization that forged the foundations of a own unique social organization, which along with Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China and Mesoamerica are the foci of culture originating in the world.The of Caral pyramids are the oldest found so far in the Andes dating back 5000 years (3000 BC approximately) ago. You build structures of this type required a high degree of technology and social organization to address the problems of construction and high cost of materials and energy.


Tour and Location The archaeological site where the remains are from the main city of Caral civilization. It is located in the Supe Valley, 182 kilometers north of Lima (Peru), 23 km from the and a coastline about 3 1/2 hours North Lima, we offer a ride full of mystery and history where you can discover one of recent archaeological discoveries of America did not miss it.


USD 180 per person
Full day, 3 1/2 hours north of Lima about.
Pick up from your hotel in private transportation with guide in your language, entries.
9:30 am every day.
Daily 6 am or 7:00 a.m.
a minimum of two people is needed for this tour, we are flexible with the outputs does not include meals.
Full day
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