Discover The Very the Best Road Trips in The Peru

Driving from Lima to Cusco in seven days with a driver.

Lima-Ica-Nasca-Arequipa-Puno-Cusco - Transfers

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This route can be modified

Peru is a wonderful country with very diverse landscapes and if you want to know it and fall in love with its culture and tradition, get to know it in the best way, we will take you from Lima to Cusco in a car and making several stops at the main attractions, we will see the most beautiful snow-capped mountains , deserts and towns that still keep their traditions. We offer you a safe vehicle and a driver who will take you safely and professionally to your last destination. He will be the one to show you Peru in a special way.

-Day 1 Lima-Paracas-Huacachina-Nasca

We pick you up from the hotel very early at 5 am to go to the Paracas reserve and after 3 hours of travel take some boats and visit the Ballestas Islands.

At the end of the walk in the islands we go to the oasis of Huacachina an hour away, before arriving we will visit a vineyard and we can eat something typical in the area, at the end of lunch we go to the hotel to leave the bags and in the afternoon we went into the dunes to slide with some boards and see the most beautiful sunset, we finished and went to dinner and then return to the hotel.

-Day 2 Nasca – Camana

In the morning we leave the hotel to go to Nasca approximately two hours away, upon arrival we go to the airport and take some planes and see the famous Nasca lines, on the way back we can have lunch and continue the route to Camaná where it will arrive at night. . and we will go to the hotel to rest about 9 hours on the way.

-Day 3 Camana Arequipa

We leave in the morning and it will take us about 4 hours to arrive and once we arrive in Arequipa we will take the hotel and we will have time to see the most beautiful attractions of this beautiful city and taste its gastronomy.

-Day 4 Arequipa 

Free day to explore and enjoy the attractions of the city.

-Day 5 Arequipa – Chivay

We can leave in the morning directly to Puno about 4 hours on the way, during the route we can see a very beautiful landscape and if you like, you can stop to take photos and enjoy the pure air of the Peruvian Andes.we can see Alpacas and wild vicuñas, a viewpoint from where we can see several volcanoes.

-Day 6 Chivay

In the morning we will see the Colca Canyon and see the flight of the Condor, this will take us the day and part of the afternoon, at the end we will return to the hotel to rest.

-Day 7 Chivay Cusco 

After breakfast we leave the hotel and start the route to Cusco, but before we will see beautiful landscapes on the route, it will take us about 10 hours on the way and when we arrive in Cusco we will leave you at your hotel and our service ends.

-Day 8 Puno – Cusco (opcional)

In the morning you can take some tours and enjoy this beautiful city, at night we pick you up to travel to Cusco approximately 8 hours away, we arrive in the morning and take you to your selected hotel and finish the tour.

The prices for this service depend on the days and vehicle you need, write us to give you a quote.

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