Company dedicated to serving all the tourist friends who visit this beautiful country called Peru, we offer all our clients personalized tours and different prints full of emotion, history and warmth.

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This beautiful city full of contrasts and history should give special time to discover its secrets, Lima Discover a designed a special tour to tour throughout the city comfortably and safely, this ride that starts at the door of his hotel and we started visiting the bohemian district of Barranco with its mansions of the last century, typical bars art galleries and the famous bridge of sighs, we believe it is very important to know this beautiful district because it is part of the history of Lima. Continuing we go to the historical center where we will visit beautiful church as one of the most beautiful in South America the church of San Pedro of the sixteenth century continue to the main square where we will see from outside the government palace, the Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop’s Palace and Lima municipality,


City Tour in Lima Shared Service

Let us know the city of kings in a special way and shared with more friends tourists, the tour begins with the gathering of the hotel passengers then know the park of love off the coast of the Pacific, then we go to the Barranco district where we will see the famous bridge of sighs walk for a moment through the streets and tell them their secrets, ending south we go to the historic center of Lima and then visit the church San Pedro, the Maury bar, walk in the streets around Plaza de Armas, we can buy crafts and take all possible photos, ending visit the museum catacombs in the church of San Francisco. The bus will discuss the secrets of quinoa and other Andean cereals ..

Some activities :
  1. Visit to Barranco.
  2. Museums Catacombs.
  3. Craft buying.
  4. We will take a break at a typical bar.
  5. Walk through the streets of Lima.
  6. Main Square.
  7. Chocolate Museum.
  8. St. Peter’s Church.
USD 35 per person
4 hours began 9:00 am every day.
I shuttle back and forth, I gather of the hotel, professional guide, air-conditioned bus, walk to the museum catacombs.


Lima is a metropolis with more than 10 million people why taking a private tour is the best option to enjoy your holiday, traffic in this city in very strong and almost every time it is difficult to move, especially if you go to the historic center of Lima is why we have designed a tour privately which will take advantage of you but your visit to this beautiful city of kings, not waste time collecting more people, we can visit more places and stop wherever we want and what more important than you will begin the tour when you want it, do not take those classic tour where you meet many people and you speak up to three languages ​​and just take two points of Lima so you will not discover the secrets of the capital of the Peru .our tour last 4 to 5 hours while classic tours only 3 1/2 hours of which 1 hour is to collect people, so many things and take a private tour so the difference in price is only $ 7.

USD 45 per person for this tour a minimum of two people is required for only $ 65 dollars a person.
4 to 5 hours
Return transfers, guide in your language, tickets to a museum.


You say when you start.
Every day, any time.
This tour is private, if you come in a group will give you a special rate.
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